Funky digital layout

...and colourful!

digital layout for Tristan's first birthday

And i'm proud to tell you that almost everything in this layout is handmade!

The feathers patterned paper, the black heart and stripe brushes, the doily brush and the handwriting (with the help of a Wacom):)

Very messy layout for Tristan's first birthday and i love it!
...well i indeed enjoyed so much all the process that i think i love the result (but i'm pretty sure that in a week or two i will think "what is that?") 

PS: forgot to say that the editing of the picture was made with Picmonkey

¿Te gusta este papel, jeje?

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Ruth a dit…

Siiiiiiiii!!!!! a mi me gusta vamos!
Petonets xoxo

Conchi a dit…

Chulísimo, Alex!!!

AlexM a dit…

gracias guapas!

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