About me

I'm Alex, a French girl who is not really French anymore since she's left her home country 16 years ago.
I live in Sheffield (UK) after graduating (PhD in science, ups!), getting married and giving birth at home to a little Tristan in Barcelona (Spain).
An identity crisis around my 30's led me to take a new path.
I'm now fighting to live the life I want.

From then on the quote "to live is to choose" is engraved in my wedding ring and in my mind...Making choices consciously to be as free as possible in a world where freedom is an utopia.

Making stuff (drawing, painting, cooking, crafting) has always been my favourite refuge to escape reality and find beauty. Nature is also vital for me since is capable of reconciling me to humanity.

A life where money does not rule. Caring for the environment, traveling and looking at my lifestyle with a different point of view, trying to be better everyday. 

I am working hard to be faithful to my principles in my life and in my work.

Creativity allows introspection and self-knowledge. Creativity brings together people. Creativity is a source of true joy and contentness. Creativity creates awareness.

I would like to inspire you, making you want to create. In the end, happiness is being in peace with oneself and creativity is a mean to achieve it. I would like you to be happy. Happy people make a better world.