Diario de viaje

Para que mi hermana pueda consignar todos los pensamientos, sentimientos, anécdotas, etc...de su viaje a India, le hice un mini diario con tapas de cartón, lleno de papeles de colores vivos. La foto de la portada proviene de una foto de Steve McCurry. A ella le gustó mucho como quedó. Espero que a vosotros también!

This is a travel diary I made for my sister to be filled of the thoughts, feelings, stories she will experiment during her travel to India this summer. The picture I use for the front pages is from a photo of Steve McCurry. The diary is made of bright colored papers. She loved it! And I hope you will too...

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Barbara a dit…

Alex!! You just make me S*I*G*H!!! So wonderful is your art!

Barbara a dit…


How could your sister not love this!
And going to India! Im sure she will fill it up!

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