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This blog post is a review of MyMemories Suite software- digital scrapbookin software- and a giveaway of this same software.

Be sure to go until the end of this post to participate and have a chance to win!

When i was kindly asked by MyMemories to write a review on MyMemories Suite v.3 software, i wasn't sure i wanted to do it. 

1/ My first reason was because even if i created a few digital scrapbook layouts recently (using Photoshop), i am mostly a traditionnal scrapbooker who actually loves a messy desk and dirty hands when scrapbooking. 
2/ and because i would define my style as "freestyle" and much closer to what art journaling is, i was afraid the software would limit my creativity and would not fit my style.

After a short discussion via emails, and all my doubts resolved, i accepted this task and i'm frankly happy i did it. 
It happened to be a very good surprise for a scrapbooker like me! 

all the products included in the software (yes staples!)

As a short introduction, i will just quote part of the description you can find on MyMemories website about this product, so you can have an idea of what kind of software it is: 
"[...] My Memories Suite provides a single platform where you can create graphically from scratch, import graphics created in other applications, perform photo-editing functions, and add journaling without ever leaving the software! Plus, you can add in video, music, narration and web links with a simple click of the mouse. No exporting, no up linking, and no headaches. [...]"

Now let's start with my review, which is organized in different themes:

1/How do you start your project with MyMemories Suite?

When you start a new project, you can choose from a designer template (there are 30 album templates in this version of the software) or you can start designing your own project.
Then, you have to choose the shape and size of your album (landscape or portrait, square or not, 12'X12' or smaller...)
And after that, you properly start creating your layouts.   

*You start by adding a background paper. 
  • You can import your purchased or created digital products, which is great! Which also means that you can actually save all your digital products in the folders already created for you so everything is well organised. When i am playing in Photoshop, everything is a mess...but i guess that's my fault!
*You can add shapes (and filled them with either a photo or a paper) 
*and embellishments (brads, buttons, ribbons, flowers, even some stitching!, and more)
*You add your photos (there is an easy drag and drop function)
*And you add some text (lots of available fonts and you can use wordart)

Every one of these steps are easy and straightforward. You just need to know a little bit what kind of design/color combo you want for your pages, and choose from the products you have available-either from the software (over 1,500 papers, over 1,000 page elements, and over 30 album templates (including 10 new for v3)- or from your own stash. 
2/How about the importing?

I was surprised by the ease and rapidity of the importing. You can import photos with a high resolution in seconds and then start editing it.   

The very good thing is that the software supports a wide variety of format such as jpg, png (with transparency!) and even psd. Which means you can import about anything you want

using images.png i previously created in Photoshop with my handwriting and the mat function for the smallest photos

3/How about designing/editing your project?
  • You can add various embellishments in one go (just choose and apply without leaving the application. I find it great, you save a lot of time! And they are all organized in subcategories (brads, buttons, ribbons, flowers,etc.) so it's easy to choose.
  • It is also really easy to copy and paste shapes/embellishments/photo boxes, etc.
  • The photo editing is easy and fast: crop, resize, alter to black and white, sepia, brighten, blur and some more in just a few clicks.
  • if you are using a designer template (and there is quite a few to chose from) you can delete some elements, resize them, add some more, etc. so you can still customize it. It's a quick way to have a starting projetc, especially if you want to make an album with loads of photos.
  • if you start with a blank page it is very easy to add a background paper and then create layers (see the little note below about the trick to do that), add embellishments, photos and text.
  • there is a clever and useful "picker" function when you are using the color tool which allows you to pick a color from anywhere in your layout to match the color combo
What i liked the most is to choose from a photo layout- which means it's a blank page with different photo boxes already pre-designed- and then filling it with my pictures, some papers and texts and I had beautiful "clean and simple" layouts. Which is something i usually struggle with.
using a photo layout (photo boxes filled with photos and papers), a background paper, a text box and a few embellishments (all included in MMS)

starting with a photo layout (all the products included in the software)
using a photo layout, a background paper, a text box and a bow (all included in MMS)

4/ How about sharing your project?

Once you are done with your project, you can save the entire album AND each one of the pages as a separated file. So you can then select the one you want to share depending if it's for your blog, your facebook page or your family. This is absolutely great!

You can also make something interactive, like a video or add music. You can even record your voice! I didn't try though but i think it could be a great idea for a family souvenir...
You have to download and install another file to be able to do that, but this is free if you bought the software, and it's easy and fast. 

This particular Christmas album has been made from a designer template and i almost didn't change anything. I added my pictures and my text, and just deleted or changed the position of some embellishments. 
If you know me you will know it is not my style- at all- but i thought it was perfect for my mother. I will share it with her and i am sure she will love it
That's another advantage of starting with templates (beside they are great time-savers): you can create something that will fit somebody else style! I would have never came up with this album myself:)

PS: you can choose the time between each page, and the final resolution of your video. Easy and straightforward.

5/ Is it easy to use?

I think that it's a user-friendly software. If you are a scrapbooker you won't last long in understanding how everything works. And if you are not, i think it will be easy once you get familiar with the "scrapbooking routine" (embellishments, background paper, creating layers, clusters, etc.) 

The only point i struggled with was to create layers of papers. You can't do that with background papers (they are for the background only).
Hopefully they have great videos on their Youtube channel, and that's how I learnt i had to do it by adding "shapes" and then filling them with papers
It's a little trick you have to know. When you know it, you can add layers and layers very easily, and give them the shape and size you want.

use of the text wrap tool- another video on Youtube

background paper and borders from my personal stash (created by me) and imported in MMS
6/ What kind of projects can you create?

Obviously you can create scrapbook albums and single layouts, photobooks, videos, and also calendars i beleive (i did not check it yet).
But i think it is very helpful to create cards for a special event (Birthday,Christmas or a private party): you create it very quickly from a template, you customize it and you share it!
Below are some examples I created from a designer template:

7/ Summary

+you can create in just about 10 minutes a single layout from a designer template or from scratch and then share it immediately

+the choice of photo layouts is good and easily customizable (you can save your own layouts): ideal to create "clean and simple" designs. One of my favourite funtions of this software

+you can create a video from your albums in just about 5 minutes! Great for sharing memories on blogs/via emails with friends and family

+the software supports a wide variety of format such as jpg, png (with transparency!) and even psd. Which means you can import about anything you want

- you can't change the colors of the embellishments available in the software collection

- the edit function for the shapes was not working in my version, but i saw in one of their videos that it should be...

-if you are looking for a very "freestyle" look- including your handwriting for ex.- though it's not impossible, it is not the most appropriate software for you

8/ Conclusion

I never thought i would like working with a software specifically designed for scrapbooking before i tried MMS. So it is a very good surprise for me.

Especially now that i am a mother and that my time is limited, i think i can make a great use of this software.

I could design simple layouts where the journaling has a main place and then printing a book with them. I might reserve my messy style for "real paper" layouts and some play time with Photoshop when i have a new brush to try.

I think that if you are tempted by digital scrapbooking and don't have any other software to work with at the moment, or have one more complicated that you barely understand, MyMemories Suite can be a good option for you.

It's 39.97$-10$ if you use my personal coupon. So that's 29.97$ (22.9 euros according to today conversion rate): pretty affordable, isn't it?

And there is always new free designs and products you can download from their website and from anywhere you want.

If you already know this software and want to add a comment, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Hope this review has been helpful to you!

If you want to give it a try before buying it you can simply head over to the My Memories site and download the free trial!

If you know you want it: you can purchase My Memories Suite Software (you will save 10$ using my code). In addition, you will receive a $10 coupon code to use towards items from the store. So that's a 20$ discount deal!

My personal code is STMMMS49299, so enter it (copy/paste) at checkout to receive your discount.

If you want to know more about MyMemories, you can:

visit their blog, follow them on Facebook ,or on Twitter

note: i have been given a free copy of MMS software to review without any other compensation. Everything i have written in this review are my personal thoughts only.
I am now a MyMemories affiliate member, which means that each time someone buys a software through my personal link I will receive a commission.


To enter in the giveaway and have a chance to win this software, just leave a comment and tell me which color combo you wish you could find in a Christmas collection? (have a look at MyMemories Christmas collections to inspire you and see what they already got).

I will pick a random winner on Sunday November 4th. You have until Saturday 3rd midninght (London hour) to drop your comment! Good luck!

Para poder participar en este sorteo, tienes que dejarme un comentario contándome qué tipo de combinaciones de colores te gustaría encontrar en una colección de Navidad (puedes mirar lo que tienen en la tienda para inspirarte y ver lo que existe)

Elegiré un ganador de manera aleatoria el domingo 4 de Noviembre. Tienes hasta el sábado 3 de Noviembre a medianoche (hora de Londres) para apuntarte. ¡Suerte! 

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noemozica a dit…

Yo soy muy del rojo-verde-blanco, pero tampoco me importaría un turquesa-gris-blanco o bien un lima-marrón-blanco :)

ana manzana a dit…

Alex, me ha encantado la review, qué trabajazo!
Yo tengo ganas de empezar con el mundo digital, llevo ya años diciendo esto, pero no encuentro el tiempo... te suena? ;)
Me bajaré la versión de prueba, a ver qué tal.
Mientras, cruzaré los dedos...
No voy a ser nada original, pero el combo que se ve tanto estas navidades de kraft, teal y rojo oscuro me gusta mucho.
Un beso

Montserrat - Coses que se fer a dit…

Hola Alex, un trabajo muy bonito!!!

Mis colores de la navidad son el verde, rojo, blanco, dorado, marro, naranja, lila, rosa y amarillo. A lo mejor son muchos pero se pueden hacer bonitas combinaciones.
Besis ; ***

Alex, tengo el libro de Sir Ken Robinson, gracias por el consejo!

Marta a dit…

Uff... pues a mi naranja/verde/marrón /amarillo...
no soy muy de navidad y la opción otoño me gusta.


Marta a dit…

Hola Alex! me ha gustado mucho tu crónica!

Mmmm colores de navidad turquesa blanco y marrón!

Un besote espero que todo te vaya muy bien :D

Marina Pérez a dit…

La combinación perfecta para mí es: el rojo, el plata y el blanco.

Un saludo y mucha suerte!

Céline. a dit…

Coucou Alex!! Tes pages en digital sont superbes!!
Bon je tente le petit jeu! : D
Mon combo favori pour Noel c'est blanc et argent, puis des petites touches de rouge et turquoise!

Verónica Romero a dit…

Qué crónica más elaborada. Muy chula. Y la verdad es que nunca me he puesto con el scrap digital, pero parece muy interesante. Por lo menos se tienen que preparar menos cosas, que para las que no tenemos espacio en casa, es muy importante.

Me encantan los trabajos que has preparado.

Mis colores son los tradicionales, rojo, verde, dorado, plateado, pero últimamente estoy más "open mind" y las nuevas combinaciones me gustan mucho.

Felicidades por la crónica

Cécile a dit…

Super review, il a l'air vraiment chouette, ce logiciel ! Et surtout idéal quand nous manquons de temps . Je me lance pour le concours :

J'aime les couleurs classiques de Noël ( vert/rouge/blanc) et gris/blanc/rouge, mais surtout avec le motif tissu ecossais(tartan).

Bises !

Raquel a dit…

Una crónica estupenda !!! Y me apuntooooo, mis colores para la Navidad, soy muy tradicional, el rojo-granate-verde bosque y dorado.


nuria a dit…

hola alex:

que bueno saber de ti.
Mi combinacion de la navidad a parte de la clasica rojo, blanco y verde.
Opto por una mas moderna en plata y azules (que ya se sabe que da tranquilidas, relax y armonia)
el curso donde se impartiria??


AlexM a dit…

Nuria, no es un curso, es un software. Veo que la palabra "programa" no es correcta. La cambiaré para no liar a más gente.

Unknown a dit…

Alex, me encantaron todas las fotos con las que complementaste la review. Genial la idea del blog Diario de Navidad, para mi es un mes que tiene mucho mas sentido familiar, mis colores son los tradicionales verde, rojo y dorado, aunque tambien me gustan los naranjas. Un beso,

Nuria Ferrando Bramona a dit…

Hola Alex!!
la verdad es que yo soy una scrapera tradicional, pero seria buena idea indagar en otros campos! Los trabajos me han parecido genial. Un beso.

autovi a dit…

Me ha encantado Alex!!!
Mis colores son el rojo, verde y plata.
Los trabajos son muy creativos y originales, como siempre!
Un saludo,

Biby Scrap a dit…

creo que el verde, rojo y dorado son imprescindibles.
pero me encanta el plata con el azul.
me encanta el blog!

Biby Scrap a dit…

creo que el verde, rojo y dorado son imprescindibles.
pero me encanta el plata con el azul.
me encanta el blog!

ArtisKrista a dit…

Hola, me llamo Cristina y en primer lugar decir que me parece estupenda la idea del Diario de Navidad, tengo muchísimas ganas de seguirlo. En cuanto a la combinación de colores, creo que soy más bien chapada a la antigua en estos temas. Me decantaría por rojos, anaranjados, verdes, amarillos y dorados. No soy muy imaginativa en eso!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hola, me llamo Mónica. Me ha gustado mucho la critica de My Memories Suite, sobre todo por lo sincera, me parece una manera excelente de presentar un nuevo producto. Acerca de mis colores favoritos para una colección de navidad, me gustan las combinaciones algo infantiles, un poco naif, rosas chillones, verdes claritos, arbolitos de navidad azules. Un saludo!!!

Jenny Juliett a dit…

Hola me llamo Jenny, soy de Venezuela, estoy encantada de haber conocido tu blog,para navidad me gustaria la combinacion azul y plateado

Ali a dit…

Alex..!!! Eres un "crack". Me encanta tu crónica...siempre diferente y original...!!!
Bueno , mis colores de Navidad son como los de la colección Silent Night de Two Cute Bids... vamos en otras palabras...los clásicos,rojos,verdes claros, dorados,plateados..etc...
Un saludito!!
P.S.( ver cold up there..?? )

Silvia a dit…

Muchas gracias por la crónica! La verdad es que nunca he picado con el digital y cada vez me apetece más, será cuestión de probar!!
En cuanto a los colores de Navidad, era muy clásica antes del Scrap, rojo, verde, blanco y plata, pero desde que scrapeo voy probando colores, negro, plata, morado, azules, granas, marrones, grises la verdad es que dan mucho juego.


Lili a dit…

¡Hola Alex!

Me ha encantado tu crítica ;D

La verdad que yo aun no me he atrevido a empezar a trabajar con este tipo de scrap, pero leyéndote me dan ganas de ponerme ahora mismo ;D

A ver si tengo suerte en el sorteo y lo consigo :)

En cuanto a los colores de la navidad me quedo con: azul claro o turquesa, blanco, oro y plata.

Son los colores que voy intentar emplear este año para decorar la casa, envolver y adornar los regalos y fabricar las tarjetas y adornos caseros ;D Quizás en la decoración también lo mezcle con cristal.

Te invito a pasarte por mi blog: http://elrinconcillodelili.blogspot.com.es

Saludos, Lili ;)

PD: me he hecho seguidora para aprender más con las cosas que nos cuentas :D

Elensar a dit…

No me importaría para nada ser la ganadora. Me encanta investigar en la red para temas de scrap.
Gracias por tu ideas, siempre me sorprendes :)

Lou a dit…

Ante todo felicidades por el artículo, la descripción realizada será de gran ayuda.
Yo, al igual que la mayoría, soy partidaría del rojo y verde, pero he de reconocer que este año que se lleva tanto el negro con dorado, puede que combinado con blanco o morado quedara estupendo.

Gracias por todo !!

eLia! a dit…

Que bonito el trabajo Alex!! y que alegria que estes de vuelta y a tope de nuevo!!! es un placer leerte y ver lo que vas haciendo!!! bieeen!!!

Sobre los colores dime tipica pero los rojos, granates, verdes, blancos, dorados y plateados son mis preferidos!!!

un besito muy fuerte!!! y no dejes de sorprendernos como hasta ahora!

Be a dit…

Humm... pues yo haría un fresa, turquesa y gris claro!

Anonyme a dit…

Que trabajos tan lindos, yo acabo de descubrir este mundo hace poquito, así que me falta mucho camino por andar, pero aprendo mucho de blogs como el tuyo. Gracias.

Almudena a dit…

Hola Alex! Yo no puedo dejar el rojo, es mi color, así que rojo, negro y crudo.
Sigue guiándonos!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hola! quiero participar, mi combinación favorita para esta navidad el violeta, plateado y blanco...


Alba a dit…

Hola! Que chulo esta el programa! A mi me gustan los azulessss asi que verde azulon-turquesa-blanco :) y algun toque de amarillo!! Jajaja

Anonyme a dit…

I really like the blue/green/brown combinations. Turquoise and silver would be awesome too!

Barribastall a dit…

el programa parece bastante intuitivo, y en un pimpam tienes un regalo.
Suerte Alex!
Ah, un verde y un naranja.

Conchi a dit…

Hola, Álex!!
Eres tan creativa!!!! Me encanta :)
Yo voto por el gris/azul/blanco o el gris/azul/rojo.

Un saludo!!!!


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