Aubergines en gratin: illustrated recipe

A favourite recipe at home since my sister made it for us, 18 months ago, when she helped us for Tristan's birth. 
I made it to my father and her wife when they were here in May and now they always cook aubergines this way.
You have to try it, it's delicious! Easy and no tons of oil involved to cook the aubergines...

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Tana a dit…

Alex, la crema que le echas por encima junto con el parmesano a la hora de gratinar... ¿Es nata líquida de esa de cocinar o es algo diferente? (^^) Bisous ♥

AlexM a dit…

Tana, esta crema puede ser nata líquida. Aquí, es crema de avena (alternativa vegetal más dietética, y mejor que la soja...que a mí no me gusta).
Muchos besos

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