Happy New Year

I share some wintery pictures from around here to say goodbye to 2014 and greet 2015!
We have been lucky enough to have snow- and a lot!- AND sun for the past four days.

So obviously, we did enjoy it to the max.



One of the best 2014 moments ever for sure!
I don't know if there is anything better than lying in the snow, surrounded by silence and nature. This is my idea of Paradise:)

Happy New Year to you all! For a 2015 full of adventures, joy and peace.

Bonne Année à tous! Pour une nouvelle année remplie de belles aventures, de joie et de paix.

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! Bon Any! Por un 2015 lleno de bellas aventuras, alegría y paz .

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Alejandra Umpierrez a dit…

Ayyyyyyyy pero qué bonito es todo, que el 2015 tenga mucho de juego y diversión, abrazo!!!!!!

Maria a dit…

Qué chuloooo!!!!! Feliz Año para vosotras también!!!! besos Alex!!! ^_^

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