DT guest project: black and neon scrapbooking mini album by Carole

Today we have a special guest here at méli-mélo: Carole from Little moments in my life.

She is a very talented and prolific scrapper and mixed-media artist, especially good at using méli-mélo stamps:)

I asked her to join us as a guest designer for this last semestre of the year, and she kindly agreed. This mini album is her first project. And it is stunning!

She has prepared a complete project in which she shares tips and tricks to use stamps in a creative way.
I will share her own words- in French- and then give a short translation:

Mon mini est construit à partir d'un carnet format A5. Les pages d'un grammage de 160 sont assez épaisses pour supporter peintures et encres! J'ai ôté les agrafes qui maintiennent les pages à la couverture, puis j'ai appliqué de la peinture acrylique à l'aide d'une vieille carte de fidélité, de manière aléatoire.  J'ai appliqué sur chaque page de droite de la peinture acrylique jaune fluo, puis noire, puis rose fluo et ainsi de suite!
C'est sur cette page que j'ai ensuite collé ma photo!

Her mini album was created from a sketchbook A5 size, 160gr/m2 (thick enough to play with inks and paints). Before starting, she removed the staples to separate the covers and the pages.
She has chosen a black and white palette with touches of neon pink and neon yellow.
She then randomly applied to each right-hand side page acrylic paint with an old plastic card, and glued a photo.

All along her mini album, she has used a lot of embossing powders and handwritten calligraphy with black ink.

Picture below, Carole says: "Deux étoiles filantes encerclent le mot "happy" que j'ai écrit à la main avec un stylo de versamark, puis embossé à la poudre fluo."

On the page below, she used the shooting star stamp to frame the word "happy" that she wrote with a Versamark pen and then embossed in yellow

As you can see, she used a lot of embossing on a black background before cutting the design off leaving a black edge for greater contrast

She also played with vellum and embossing on vellum

Carole: "Au final et avant de rassembler mes pages à la couverture, j'ai collé à l'intérieur un ruban qui permettra de fermer le mini! j'aime beaucoup le contraste entre les écritures et les rayures, le côté noir et blanc marié aux couleurs fluos!."

Finally, before gathering all her pages together, she glued a ribbon on the inside of the covers, which will allow to close the album. She (and we too!) loves the contrast between the handwritten words and the stripes, the B&W vs the neon colours!

Carole: "Voilà pour mon mini Disney! J'espère qu'il vous aura plu et donné envie d'utiliser les tampons d'une manière différente!"

That's all for my Disney album! Hope you liked it and you did get inspired to use your stamps in a different way!

Carole told me she had a real blast playing with méli-mélo stamps, both clear and rubber ones. And I beleive you could tell it! 

How cool is that? The bow stamp ideally placed on a Minnie picture:)

In the video below, the complete project:

Thank you Carole for accepting to be DT guest, and for this amazing mini album! Merci beaucoup!

Please don't forget to check her blog, and follow her because she is truly an inspiring and creative artist.

All the méli-mélo stamps used in this project are available in my Etsy shop. Christmas is almost here, so don't wait too much before ordering yours:)

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Merci Alexandra pour tous ces beaux tampons que tu crées!!!! et ce joli post avec ma réa! Bizzzzz

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